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Rottator Cuff Pain, a type of shoulder pain

  1. This condition mainly affects the tendons and muscles which helps in moving the shoulder joint
  2. This condition can be caused as a result of keeping the shoulder in one position over a period of time.
  3. Sleeping on the shoulder
  4. Extending the arm forehead
  5. Athletes are commonly affected by this condition
  6. It is also referred as swimmers shoulder, pitchers shoulder and tennis shoulder

Symptoms of rottator cuff pain:

  • Pain ad swelling in front of the shoulder and side of the arm
  • Pain triggered by raising or lowering the arm
  • Clicking sound when raising the arm
  • Stiffness in shoulder
  • Pain when reaching behind the back
  • Loss of mobility and strength


  • Check tenderness and swelling
  • Check Range of motion
  • Check strength of shoulder joint
  • X-ray for finding bone spur
  • Ultrasound or MRI for finding trearing


Managing pain and swelling

  • Avoid activities that cause pain
  • Apply cold packs
  • Taking NSAID’s

Physical Therapy

  • Stretching and passive exercise to restore range of motion
  • If pain decreases exercise is given to regain strength
  • Steroid injection
  • Ultrasound therapy for spur formation
  • wax therapy for pain relief


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